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The Witches of Reeds Creek in Red Bluff California

Just outside of Red Bluff, California, there’s a spot where a little body of water known as Reed’s Creek meets the Sacramento River.

This little area sports a small beachfront opposite a quiet residential neighborhood, and the beach narrows the Sacramento River somewhat as it divides that section of town.

Nothing but a quiet little stretch of the kind of beach property that fills so much of the coastal landscape, you would think.

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Updated 9/19/2019 – You would be wrong.

The Witches of Reeds Creek

In Red Bluff California, witnesses have described a trio of women, appearing from beneath the surface of Reeds Creek with blood dripping from their mouths and eyes and ears...

Photo credit: tumblr/darkaart

In the past six months, rumors have been cropping up about Reeds Creek being the possible site of a series of hauntings.

Witnesses who have been down to the beach near dusk sometimes have described a trio of women, all of whom appear from strange places.

Sometimes they come from beneath the surface of the creek or river, water – and sometimes blood – dripping down from their mouths and eyes and ears.

Sometimes they rise out of the sand itself, as if pulled up from below by some cosmic invisible string.

Those who have been far enough away to not be seen by the women – and who had the fortitude to stick around long enough to watch what happened – say that the women come together and babble in a strange language.

“It’s like no language I’ve ever heard before,” says one witness, who saw the women last December while spending the evening out on the beach with his girlfriend.

“They kept chanting stuff over and over, and I swear that they weren’t walking on the sand – they were floating over it.”

When asked what the purpose of this seemed to be, the witness shrugs.

“I mean, it looked like what you think of when you hear about witches getting together,” he says.

“Except that it looked real, you know.”

Disturbing Sightings

At Reeds Creek in Red Bluff California, One witness claimed that the witches started a bonfire out of thin air, then proceeded to float naked around the flames, screaming and laughing at the same time

Indeed, other passersby who have witnessed these women come together from beyond the grave say similar things.

One witness claimed that the women started a bonfire out of thin air, then proceeded to float naked around the flames, screaming and laughing at the same time.

Some have reported that the women will sometimes carry their strange meeting out over the surface of the river, and will gradually float away until they can no longer be seen.

Whatever the case, the general feeling is that there is something odd going on in this particular area.

There is nothing in the history books – at least, that this reporter was able to find – which would indicate that anything strange had happened on this beach.

Nevertheless, some people now refuse to go there day or night, for fear of running into the women.

“I won’t be caught dead there, pardon the expression,” says one woman who claims to have witnessed the ladies up close.

“When they saw me, they chased me for nearly half a mile, laughing and screaming behind me.

I thought I was going to die of fear before I made it to safety.”

And of course, one wonders if she is safe, even now.

Get Directions to the Location of the Witch Sightings

Click Here To Get Directions To The Location Of The Reeds Creek Witches.

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