The High Republic’ Comic Book Kicks-Off on a New Adventure

The first issue of Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic comic book was released earlier this month and it is set in the midst of a great disaster. 

The highly anticipated Lucasfilm Publishing initiative, Star Wars: The High Republic, launched in early January with Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi and Justina Ireland’s A Test of Courage. Cavan Scott’s Star Wars: The High Republic #1 comic book is set in the middle of the cataclysmic events of Light of the Jedi, but that does not mean you have to have read it to understand the plot. 

Marvel’s Star Wars: The High Republic Comic Book Kicks-Off on a New Adventure

Star Wars: The High Republic

The first issue begins with Padawan Keeve Trennis as she enters into her Jedi trials on the planet Shuraden, alongside her Jedi Master Sskeer. Along the way she is accompanied by a humorous little creature named Kanrii, who is used as a clever tool to offer the audience further information about Keeve, her trials, and who she is. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Jedi story if a disaster didn’t occur. Keeve’s trials are interrupted by giant beasts called Ridadi and she must utilize all of her Force abilities to put a stop to the beasts before they can destroy Kanrii’s people’s village. 

Elsewhere in the galaxy aboard the Starlight Beacon, the comic also features an appearance by a Jedi familiar to all Star Wars fans. For those who haven’t read the previous High Republic era books, Scott does well to provide just enough information to explain the state of the universe, while doling out a brand new story. 

For fans of The High Republic who may struggle to envision the characters that they’re reading, the comic’s illustrator Ario Anindito has brought to life Keeve, Sskeer, and Avar through bright and captivating illustrations. It’s always thrilling to see the characters that we read about moving across the pages of a comic book. Anindito’s style feels perfectly suited for this new era of storytelling. 

The first issue of Star Wars: The High Republic sets up a story that leaves you desperately waiting for the next issue. It sets up a brand new story for comic book readers to delve into, while connecting to the larger High Republic story unfolding across multiple mediums. The High Republic shows us the Jedi as we have never seen them before, and the promise of what we might learn from this era will keep Star Wars fans coming back for more. 

Star Wars: The High Republic #1 is available now everywhere comic books are sold.

Star Wars: The High Republic #1


Star Wars: The High Republic #1

An exciting start to The High Republic comic series



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