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The Dead Refuse To Sleep At The Seal Beach Naval Base

The Seal Beach Naval Base, located in California, is a place where weapons and munitions are loaded.

There’s a maintenance facility on the grounds, as well.

There’s also a memorial at this location, serving as the West Coast home for the World War II National Submarine Memorial.

left: right: deviantart/Qarrezel

Updated 2/10/2020 – In other words, thousands of people visit this Navy base every single year, and some come back with stories that aren’t what you’d expect.

Is The Naval Weapons Station In Seal Beach Cursed?

It’s no secret that efforts are in place right now to clean up the location of the Naval station, as there’s been environmental hazards, and damaged land.

To make matters worse, it’s also rumored that the Naval station was built on top of an Indian burial ground.

With the land being disturbed, there’s been countless eyewitness accusations of paranormal activity.

Even with cleaning efforts underway, we have to wonder if these efforts are disturbing the countless souls that were laid to rest on these grounds.

Midnight Shadow-Figures

At the Navy Base in Seal Beach, there are reports of shadows moving in the darkness, but they belong to no physical entity...

If you ever think about visiting the station at night, you should reconsider.

Locals say that soldiers and security guards come and go when working at the station.

Simply put, a lot of the men and women just can’t stomach all of the paranormal activity.

It’s been said that they’ve often spotted “intruders,” in the night, only to find nothing upon further investigation.

There are reports of shadows moving in the darkness, but they belong to no physical entity — or at least none that was found.

The security guards will often patrol the grounds in a vehicle, and that’s when they’ve reported some of their most terrifying discoveries.

There have been numerous rumors of screams, moaning, voices, lights turning themselves on and off.

Upon investigating these incidents, nothing has ever been found.

One guard said that he nearly soiled himself, as he stopped in his vehicle to shine his light on an area in which he thought he saw a shadow.

As he was concentrating on the area with his flashlight, a thunderous boom was heard at the trunk of his vehicle — as if something had hit it as hard as they could.

The man reported that he dropped his flashlight, and never retrieved it.

Skinwalkers Stalk The Cursed Land

At the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach, California, there have been reports of what can only be described as Native American Skinwalkers.

Photo credit: deviantart/Qarrezel

Spirits may be the least of your worries while visiting the Naval Weapons Station in Seal Beach, California.

There have been reports of what can only be described as Native American Skinwalkers.

In traditional Native American legends, skin walkers are highly skilled medicine men who went to the dark side once they accumulated enough knowledge and power.

This power gives them the ability to shape-shift into an animal.

These skinwalkers choose to exploit their powers in the name of evil rather than use it for its original healing intentions.

Numerous security guards have described an encounter with what only local Native Americans can describe as being a Skinwalker.

At first, what may seem like a normal animal, upon further inspection, will have something “off” about it.

These locals have warned that if you ever encounter a Skinwalker, that you should never pursue the beast, as they are a pure evil being and will show no mercy when encountering humans.

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