MUST READ • 10 Best Motorcycle Tents (2022)

Some of the world’s best adventures are done by motorbike!

From the Pacific Coast Highway through California, to The Great Ocean Road in Australia, there are many incredible stretches of roads that are best explored by motorbike. I’ve been lucky enough to hit the road on several motorcycle adventures and was bought up by a die-hard motorbike enthusiast.

When I was a teen, me and my pop would hit the road on two-week long adventures through Europe, camping out under the stars with our trusty bikes kept safe in a motorcycle tent.

Being gear nerds, we tested out a few backpacking tents, stoves and motorcycle camping tents and bivvys on our journeys, keen to keep our gear and motorcycles in tip-top condition but also trying to pack light. We then quickly realised that normal backpacking tents weren’t going to cut it and we needed a specialist motorcycle camping tent instead…

the Best Motorcycle Camping Tent for travel Adventure
This is the ultimate guide for picking the best motorcycle tent for you

There’s something about driving a motorbike that screams ADVENTURE! The first time I hit the road on a motorcycle, a battered 350cc Honda, I felt liberated being in charge of my own destiny, direction and destination! I also felt pretty damn bad-ass, driving down the highway passing through small villages and towns, soaking in the sun and the local culture as I headed across Vietnam.

You will probably get lost and may run into some motorbike dramas along the way. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure, something I wouldn’t change for the world.

Quick Answer: The Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent

If my phone didn’t die, I wouldn’t have taken the wrong turn down a little dirt road leading me deep into the Yen Bai mountain range in Northern Vietnam. The dirt, rocky road was slowly deteriorating the further I endeavoured into the foothills of the mountains but I was mesmerised by the phenomenal scenery of cascading rice terraces, small hill tribe communities, wearing their ethnic clothing and postcard-picture views.

While the sun was setting I hit a big rock, which knocked off my motorcycle exhaust. Quickly, I was joined by some locals who came out laughing at me and began hysterically laughing when I pointed and asked “Sapa”? There were no hostels, hotels, homestays or guesthouses and I wished that I had a motorcycle tent with me to camp out with and keep my motorbike out of sight. Luckily a sweet family took me in for the night, fed me dinner, charged my phone and helped me find my way back.

Personally, I think travelling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to explore a place or country. You can venture off the beaten path and discover your own secret, hidden gems. Get lost, find your own adventure and experience a new place at your own pace. At the end of your journey, you’ll have your own unbelievably crazy stories to share. But maybe wait till you’re finished, before telling mum and dad.

Adventure is everywhere, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to discover on a motorbike and if you are hitting the road for any real length of time, or with an expensive bike, it makes sense to protect your transport, and give yourself somewhere chill to sleep, with a motorcycle camping tent.

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent
With a kick ass motorbike like this, you’d want protection at night!

Motorcycle camping will sort you out when you’re travelling by Motorbike. It’s far more convenient than finding a hostel or hotel and checking in plus it means you can drive as far as you want and then simply camp out. If you’re anything like me, you are always in search of remote stretches of roads with incredible views. Coincidentally, these roads often lead to awesome places to camp, whether it be by the beach, or up in the mountain amongst the clouds. So you may as well pack a motorcycle tent next time you zoom off on your next adventure. Alright, I hear ya, you’re not 100% sure if you even need a motorcycle camping tent, won’t a normal tent do the job? Let me run you through it…

The main concern when choosing the best motorcycle tent for your adventure is finding one that fits your needs and onto your motorbike. You need something big enough to protect your bike and still provide you with plenty of space to crash out in. Boom! We’ve done the hard work for you and found the best motorbike camping tent of 2017, check out the details below for a full breakdown…

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent



Lone Rider MotoTent V2

  • Capacity: > 2 people
  • Weight: > 5.44 kg
  • Type: > Tunnel
  • Fabric: > 210T Polyester


Coleman hooligan motorcycle camping tent


Coleman Hooligan

  • Capacity: > 2 people
  • Weight: > 3.5kg
  • Type: > Dome
  • Fabric: > Polyester


Catoma motorcycle camping tent



  • Capacity: > 2 people
  • Weight: > 4.54kg
  • Type: > Speed Dome
  • Fabric: > Polyurethane



Teepee Tent Waterproof Motorcycle Tent

  • Capacity: > 2 people
  • Weight: > 6.3kg
  • Type: > Dome
  • Fabric: > Polyester


motorcycle camping tent


ALPS Mountaineering Compact Tent

  • Capacity: > 1 person
  • Weight: > 1.56kg
  • Type: > Free Standing
  • Fabric: > Polyester
Best Motorcycle Camping Tents
Cruising down the highway…

6 Best Motorcycle Camping Tents

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1. Lone Rider Mototent V2 – Best Overall Motorcycle Camping Tent

Best Overall Motorcycle Camping Tent
The best overall motorcycle tent? This is easy – The Lone Rider Mototent V2

If you ask any Biker who has hit the road with a Lone Rider Mototent V2, the responses are universally the same across the board. This motorcycle camping tent is the cream of the crop.

The Lone Rider Mototent features a large sleeping area where weary travelers can rest comfortably with all of the gear inside as well. The roomy vestibule area is perfect for keeping your bike safe and away from prying eyes. When the bike is kept outside, two adults can comfortably use the vestibule as a seating area.

The fabric of the tent is made from tough, waterproof material that will keep you dry day after day. A ground sheet is included for extra protection. This entire tent was built with the motorcyclist in mind; from the reflective bands on the carrying bag to the small and portable dimensions of the tent.

When it comes to the best motorcycle camping tent on the market, the jury is out. The Lone Rider Mototent is the perfect companion for any serious motorcyclist hitting the road for an extended journey.

Vuz Motorcycle Tent – Runner Up for Best Overall Motorcycle Tent

best motorcycle tent

If you are looking for something a bit more spacious than the top pick listed above, then check out the Vuz Moto 12-Foot Integrated Waterproof Motorcycle Tent. This tent has 4 openings so getting in and out is never a problem. 

The vestibule is also considerably bigger on the Vuz tent than the above-mentioned Lone Rider MotoTent. Our biggest qualm with most moto tents tends to center around lack of space for the bike AND your other gear. When the weather gets bad, having decent dry-storage space is a must.

2. Catoma Switchback Motorcycle Tent – Best Lightweight Motorcycle Camping Tent

Catoma motorcycle tent
Catoma Switchback Lightweight Double Motorcycle Tent

The Catoma Switchback Motorcycle Tent is the best lightweight two-person motorcycle tent, weighing only 454g! It performs well in all seasons, with mesh ventilation for the hot summer months, bathtub flooring and waterproof fabric coating to keep out any water. It’s a perfect motorcycle tent to take on the road as it sets up in less than sixty seconds, thanks to its speed dome integrated frame. There’s a small vestibule area but it is too small to store and protect your motorbike while you’re out on the open road. For a minimalist this is a great option.

3. Coleman Hooligan Motorcycle Tent – Best Value For Money Motorcycle Tent

Coleman hooligan motorcycle tent
Coleman makes great value products

The Coleman Hooligan 2 person motorcycle tent is the best choice if you are on a budget. It’s not only the cheapest option but is also produced by Coleman and most of their stuff is pretty good.

This motorcycle tent can endure and protect you from the harshest weather. There’s a small front vestibule for you to store your bike, which comes in handy when it’s raining. Its floor is made from polythene and wraps up the sides like a bathtub, for extreme weather protection.

If the weather’s great and you feel like stargazing, just pull off the waterproof layer to reveal the night sky, without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. The Coleman’s motorcycle tent is great with ventilation, so you won’t feel like you’re being cooked in the oven when it’s hot.

Best of all, the Coleman motorcycle tent is very lightweight and will only add 3.5kg onto your load, which is nothing! It’s quick and easy to set up this motorcycle tent and take it down. Included in the price is a one year warranty, so you’re guaranteed to get a good durable product for $74.99. Overall it has everything you could need for most types of motorcycle adventures. Hand’s down, this is the best value for money motorcycle tent we tested but it is bulky AF and if money isn’t an issue, there are better motorcycle tent options on the market.

4. Teepee Tent Waterproof Motorcycle Tent – Best Mid-Range Motorcycle Tent

Best Mid-Range Motorcycle Tent

For a step up from the Coleman, the Teepee Tent motorcycle tent is a solid choice. It’s a spacious tent built with bikers in mind so there’s plenty of room for you to crash and for you to store your motorcycle.

This tent is made from durable, long-lasting material. Ensuring your protection from the weather, rain, hail or shine. Teepee Tent clearly put a lot of thought into the design to make it as functional and comfortable as possible. This is not the lightest tent on our list by any means (14 pounds), but it is one of the best value buys of any motorcyle tent I have seen.

This particular tent is compact and portable if you have a large bike, but can fit two people in here, plus a bike within the “garage” section It’s super easy to set up and use, likewise when packing it down. This motorcycle camping tent is the perfect balance of affordability, comfortably and usability.

5. ALPS Mountaineering Compact Tent  – Best One Person Motorcycle Tent

motorcycle camping tent
A solid motorcycle tent if you travel solo

The Lynx 1 is a high value one person tent which can withstand even the toughest conditions. We tested this tent out on a recent trip across Europe and were impressed – it’s quick to set up and the mostly mesh walls greatly increase ventilation meaning it was pretty comfortable to sleep in. One man tents are often pretty compact but this is one of the more spacious options that I myself have had a chance to take for a spin. Although this model doesn’t include a vestibule area to store your motorbike, just pair it with a motorbike tarp and you’re sorted!

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6. Harley Davidson Roadhouse Motorcycle Camping Tent – Sexiest Motorcycle Camping Tent

harley davidson sexy motorcycle camping tent
Harley Davidson doesn’t mess around

You know Harley Davidson makes the sexiest motorbikes, so it’s a given that they also have the sexiest motorcycle camping tents. The Roadhouse model is perfect motorcycle camping tent for a small group travelling on two bikes, as it sleeps up to four people and provides protection for your Harley. It’s breathable in the heat with mesh roof panels, protects you from the rough weather with it’s inside zipper storm flaps and rain fly. Unlike most other tents, the Harley Davidson Roadhouse model was specifically designed to store your motorcycle and fits snug on the back of your bike. You’ll be the envy of the campsite with this sexy looking motorcycle camping tent!

More Worthy Motorcycle Tents

High Peak Outdoors Motorcycle Tent

High peak outdoors camping motorcycle tent
High Peak setup takes less than 3 minutes
  • Mesh ventilation
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Bathtub floor
  • Set up in 3 minutes

Bellamore Motorcycle Tent

Bellamore Family Camping Tent
Bellamore Family Camping Tent
  • Double separate sleeping area
  • Large vestibule area for potentially two motorbikes
  • Water resistant ground sheet & cover
  • Sleeps 4 people
  • Limited ventilation

Coleman Evanston Motorcycle Tent

Coleman Evanston Motorcycle Tent
Coleman Evanston Camping Tent
  • Sleeps 6 people
  • Front vestibule area to store small motorbike but limited protection from the rain.
  • Vestibule floor has holes to drain water
  • 4 large windows allowing for maximum ventilation
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Vestibule floor has holes to drain water

Lone Rider Mototent V2

lone rider top motorcycle tent
Lone Rider Mototent V2
  • Sleeps 1-2 riders
  • Separate chambers for riders and bikes
  • Extra vestibule for cooking, hanging gear, etc
  • Built from flame-retardent materials
  • Protective canopy
  • 12 lbs/1.9 meters high
  • 7-minute setup time
  • Inner tent may be removed to increase space

What to consider when purchasing a motorcycle tent?

Things to consider…

  • Size
  • Storage Space
  • Sleeping Arrangements
  • Price
  • Weight & Size
  • Water & Wind Resistance
  • Ventilation
What to consider when purchasing a motorcycle ten
Jobs fill your pockets, but adventure fills your soul!


The required size of your motorcycle tent depends on a few things:

  • Motorbike size: To protect your motorbike from damage, store it in the vestibule area. You need to compare the dimensions of your motorbike with the vestibule area in your motorcycle tent, to ensure that it will fit.
  • Storage space: Take into consideration how much storage space you will need for your belongings inside the motorcycle tent. You can always opt to keep your stuff stored on your bike or on the ground between the two wheels.
  • Sleeping arrangements: Even though your motorcycle tent claims that it sleeps 4, it’s probably not true unless you like to sleep packed like sardines in a can. Based on experience, I’d say that a 4-person tent, sleeps two people comfortably with a little wiggle room.


The best motorcycle tent is one that’s good value for money, especially if you’re on a backpacker budget! But don’t compromise price for quality, you need to find the perfect balance between quality and price when it comes to purchasing a motorcycle tent.

Weight & Size

Since you’ll be carrying your motorcycle tent on your bike, you’ll want one that’s not too heavy or bulky. Less than 8kg is an ideal weight for your motorcycle tent and it’s possible to get something much much lighter if you spend a bit more. Check your motorcycles estimated available load and weigh your gear, to ensure that you don’t overload the bike with your motorcycle camping equipment. If you do intend on packing a lot of stuff, consider investing in some panniers to evenly distribute the load.

Water and Wind Resistance

To prevent waking up in a puddle of water, ensure that your tent is water resistant. Most motorcycle tents are waterproof, but if you’re worried test it out first. The weather can be unpredictable, with storms appearing out of nowhere. That’s why it’s good to have a motorcycle tent with wind protection as the wind chill is what can make you seriously uncomfortable.


Ventilation is important to have in a motorcycle tent, especially in a hot climate. There is nothing worse than waking up dripping in your own sweat and gasping for fresh air. A mesh body and vents are great for ventilation and stargazing on nights when the weather is clear.

Best Motorcycle Camping Tent
Explorer by day, camper by night…

FAQ about the Best Motorcycle Tent

Still have some questions? No problem! We’ve listed and answered the most commonly asked questions below. Here’s what people usually want to know:

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Motorcycle tents are well worth packing if you’re serious about your motorcycling adventures. Traveling with a tent, in general, comes in handy in so many situations and it’s worth splashing out a few extra bucks to protect your motorbike at night.

If you want to travel with the lowest weight possible, I recommend simply packing a tarp and bivvy style tent. Make sure you consider the size of your motorcycle camping tent, storage space, sleeping arrangements, weight and size, ventilation and water/wind resistance when determining what is the best motorcycle tent for you – but I’ll give you a hint, it’s the Lone Rider if you want the best of the best. Check out the Coleman Hooligan if you are on a budget.

Thanks for reading – that was fun! 😀

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