Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog Recipe

Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog is a Korean-style corndog that is coated in batter & breadcrumb and then deep-fried in oil. It is a popular Korean street food that is delicious, cheesy, and crunchy.

Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog Recipe that is coated in batter & breadcrumb and drizzle with mayo ketchup sauce

Some countries, like the United States, have their version of corn dog but the Korean style seems to be my favorite. It is crunchier, has mozzarella cheese and it looks prettier than your average corn dog.

I haven’t gone to South Korea but the Korean cultures, such as Kpop, movies, and cuisines, are very popular in the Philippines. And because of that, it is not surprising to say that we have many Korean restaurants and food courts in our country.

What is Korean Corn Dog?

Korean Corn Dog, also known as gamja-hotdog (감자핫도그) in Korea, is one of the most popular street food in South Korea It may not be healthy compared to other traditional Korean foods, but it tastes really good.

Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog with cheese that is coated in batter & breadcrumb and drizzle with mayo ketchup sauce

To make this, the hot dog and mozzarella cheese are placed in a skewer. It is coated in seasoned flour egg mixture and bread crumb which is deep-fried in oil.

And lastly, we drizzle it either with mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, or 3 of them together. But to me, I made a mayo-ketchup sauce, and then I put it on my corn dog.

3 reasons why this is the best corn dog?

I have tried different versions of a corn dog, and I promise you the Korean style is way better than the American corn dog.

Here are my 3 reasons why my Korean gamja-hotdog is better than the ordinary corn dog:

  1. It has cheese inside which makes it better. If you are a customer and the shop sells corndog with mozzarella cheese, you will be tempted to buy one. Think of it as a combination of hot dogs and mozzarella sticks. Delicious, isn’t it?
  2. Panko or breadcrumb is added to this recipe, which makes it crispier and crunchier than the ordinary corn dog.
  3. It is a combination of sweet, savory, crispy, and cheesy which tastes way better than any corn dog you tried.

Recipe Ingredients

Here are the important ingredients you need to make Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog:

Batter: To make a batter mixture, I use flour, egg, yeast, sugar, and milk. You have to make sure the batter is thick enough to coat the sausage and cheese.

Meat: I am using beef hot dog in this recipe, but you can use chicken or pork if you like.

Cheese: The cheese I am using is Mozzarella cheese. This is the most common cheese they use in making Korean corn dogs.

Breadcrumb: I am using a Panko breadcrumb to make my coating crispy and crunchy. You can use any breadcrumb since it wouldn’t make any difference.

OIL: Of course, I use vegetable oil to deep fry my corn dog. I use canola oil since it is the healthiest or the least fatty oil.

Step by Step Instruction

To make the Korean Mozzarella Corn Dog, there are 3 things you should do: Making the Batter, Coating, and Deep Fry.

I. For making the Batter

To make the Batter, I added yeast, brown sugar, and milk to a plate bowl which I mix them gently. And then in a separate bowl, I added the flour, salt, and egg.

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