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Demonic Hands At The Imperial Valley Arts Council In El Centro

The Imperial Valley Arts Council in El Centro is home to dastardly poltergeists, disturbing ghosts, and demonic presences.

Employees at the establishment throughout the years have seen paranormal activity that ranges from flickering lights to mysterious sounds to items of furniture flying across rooms.

Photo credit left: Google Street right: tumblr/hauntedboy

Updated 2/10/2020 – Some witnesses have even spotted wraith-like hands emerging from the walls.

Supernatural Hands

Ghostly, gnarled hands reach from the walls at the Imperial Valley Arts Council to grope at the air, especially around young women.

Anyone who walks alone through the Imperial Valley Arts Council has the chance to see the hands, but they are most likely to emerge and attack young women between the ages of 12-25.

A witness who was touched by a ghost hand at the Imperial Valley Arts Council in El Centro described the feeling of demonic fingertips brushing over the back of her neck as like slime smearing on her soul.

No one is entirely sure where the hands could have come from.

Some blame a malevolent poltergeist.

Others think they were conjured by a criminal to do his dirty work for him.

No one is entirely sure where the hands could have come from.

Photo credit: tumblr/hauntedboy

Still more witnesses believe the hands may represent a truly demonic presence in El Centro.

Only one thing is for sure: no woman wants those ghost hands anywhere near them.

A Poltergeist in El Centro

Hands or no hands, it’s clear a poltergeist is present in El Centro’s Imperial Valley Arts Council.

Since the building opened in the 1920s, there has been no shortage of horrifying anecdotes from witnesses who’ve experienced the dark underbelly of the supernatural world within its walls.

Keys thrash on phantom typewriters in abandoned or re-purposed rooms.

When witnesses look for the source of the sound, it vanishes.

The only logical explanation for the mysterious typewriter sounds must be the supernatural, as ghosts are terrible at keeping up-to-date with technology, and almost no one in the modern world uses typewriters anymore.

Overnight at the Imperial Valley Arts Council, doors slam open and shut of their own volition.

Chairs creak and rock with no one sitting in them.

One visitor to El Centro who visited the Imperial Valley Arts Council saw an unoccupied chair rock so ferociously it knocked itself over and clattered across the room.

Another witness reported being the last to leave the Imperial Valley Arts Council one night.

When he returned the next morning, all the furniture was set out in a completely different way than it had been when he left.

There was no explanation.

No one admitted to the prank.

Would you have admitted to it?

Skeptics believe it some kind of joke, but people who’ve spent a lot of time there don’t remain skeptical for very long.

It’s easy to be skeptic until a haunting like this has happened to you.


230 South Fifth Street
El Centro, CA
United States

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