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A Child Warrior and Her Spirit Protector Head Into Battle

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

Updated 2/10/2020 – A child warrior and her spirit protector head off to battle, accompanied by epic music.

Who will they face?

How did the war begin?

How will it end?

While we don’t yet know the answers to those questions, we do know that the it took a weekend for this daughter/father duo to create these costumes.

Watch the child warrior and her spirit protector head into battle

The father is the one wearing that awesome spirit protector costume.

The daughter looks amazing too.

Her ice-cold stare throughout the scene makes it look like she’s death itself off to claim lives long overdue.

According to the father, both he and his daughter were “excited to terrorize our neighborhood this Halloween!” haha.

That’s fantastic.

Great memories for them both.

How would you react if you saw these fearsome two walking down your street?

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