8 Best Beard Moisturizers for 2022 – A Complete Guide & Review

A large problem faced by a beard wearer is its beard management. Without proper care, the beard can look frizzy, starts to cause irritation and the excess dryness cause the itchiness. Some may suffer from unruly long beards making it hard to tame. Others may have flakes of skin wobbling over the beard hair to show itself to the world. For this reason, some compromises with their wishes and shifts to remain beard free, and some will finally decide to get rid of their long beards.

However, sad to say, most men are unaware that they have an excellent simple solution to these problems. It’s not the time to put an end to your wishes but is the moment to get full control over your beard using the beard grooming moisturizers.

No more scratching of beards and no more embarrassment in front of others. Express your confidence by making your beard look fresh, great, and above all- stylish.

What is Beard Moisturizer?

Beard Moisturizers has been the greatest invention for a bearded man to help them out from the major beard-related issues. Dedicated for beards, a moisturizer can take various forms such as oils, balms, conditioners, and lotions. Be in any form; its sole aim is to moisturize the beard and make it look healthy.

Why choose a Beard Moisturizer?

You can get several benefits and complete care to your beards by purchasing a single beard moisturizer pack.

Dry skins and hairmake the beard look dull. Too much dryness can even cause the beard hair to weaken over time and fall off. Moisturizer helps provide enough hydration to the skin and hair roots to make the beard and skin look soft, fresh, and shiny.

For the healthy growth of beard, it’s important to provide essential nutrients to the beard hairfrom an external source. Luckily, the ingredients of a moisturizer have plenty of nutrients that promote and stimulate hair follicles. It helps in proper, strong beard growth.

The formation of beardruff is the reason which causes itchiness and irritation to the beard skins. If you itch, it takes out those dry flakes of skin to come to the surface of the beard hair, making your beard look ugly.

Some moisturizers are not meant just for moisturizing the skin. They can also help you to style the unruly beards into different forms. All you need is to rub the beard with the moisturizer in your hand.

Things to Consider Before buying a Beard Moisturizer

Wisely selecting a beard moisturizer is very easy if you know these points. Properly informed can also help you decide what is best for you and which one needs to be avoided. The right one can make your beard look on top.

  • Go for Natural Ingredients

Chemically infused products can’t beat the value of an organic toned product. Suppose you want your beard and skin to undergo a safer moisturizing experience. In that case, natural ingredients can work well without causing any side effects such as acne, pimples, or red skin, etc. Ensure that you investigate everything about the ingredients and select the best containing a maximum number of natural or organic ingredients. Discard those moisturizers which contain parabens.

Scent always depends on one’s personal preference. Some may like to have a strong smell, whereas others may prefer a light aroma. Above all, keep in mind that since the beard and mustache sit directly under your nose, buy those with a non-suffocating and non-overpowering fragrance.

You are applying the moisturizer to soothe your beard and not show others that you have applied it. If the moisturizer has clumps on it, it will definitely remain in its shape without getting dissolved with the beard hair. Greasy textures can make the beard look much oily rather than moisturized. Hence, a perfect texture and consistency decide how your beard will look and how easier it will be to apply.

Choose a moisturizer that is versatile for all beard types. For making your work easier, we have listed products that would work well for any beard type, including long, short, stubble, normal, etc. If you have any sensitivity to particular ingredients, do a test before applying. Some moisturizer even comes with a tag of sensitive skin.

The main reason you choose any moisturizer is to extract and transfer its hydrating power to your beard. So, choosing the best moisturizer with superior ingredients that can hydrate effectively must be your prime goal.

The below-listed moisturizers will add great value for your money. Add them to your grooming kit to get the desired results.

1. Honest Amish Beard Balm Leave-in Conditioner

Best Beard Moisturizers

A true beard lover will require this Honest Amish Balm leave-in conditioner. The foremost thing that you would be searching for will be the ingredients. And this is the part that you’ll be going to trust the product. The handmade and finest organic ingredients are sure to push you to try this product.

Honest Amish’s own brand formulation of ingredients with argan, grape seed, avocado, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel oil as a base had become an ‘honest’ product for effective curing of beard itchiness and help to prevent beardruff.

Most conditioners act like a liquid, but this moisturizer is a thicker balm and proper in its consistency and is easy to use. That means you’ll not require washing it off after applying. Instead, you can spread the balm evenly on your beard to style it.

Leave in conditioner will last for a longer time to provide the shine and exact nourishment your beard needs. The aroma is pleasant, which would be loved by anyone. The balm is better suited even for the coarser hair type.

The brand’s sustainability can also be proved in the making of 100% recyclable tin. The credit for buttery texture in the balm goes to the perfect blend of fruits and nuts like Shea, aloe, cocoa, kokum, etc.


  • Made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.
  • Hair enhancing essential oils for the complete nourishment of beard.
  • Handmade balm leave-in conditioner.
  • Easy to spread and apply on any type of beard.
  • Leaves a long-lasting shine and smoothness from root to tip of beard hair.
  • Helps to get rid of itchiness and beardruff.
  • No artificial fragrances or chemical preservatives.
  • Biodegradable tin packaging.


  • People with nut allergies may not adjust to this product.

2 .Clubman Pinaud 2-in-1 Beard Conditioner and Face Moisturizer

Best Beard Moisturizers

If you want complete beard protection, you’ll definitely require a high-quality beard product. Compared to purchasing different grooming products for your beard, this Clubman Pinaud has been assigned with a role of double duty to make your beard stay at its best stage.

In a single pack, you can get the benefit of a conditioner and face moisturizer. Those hidden dry skins under the beard hair can get easily managed by using this tube moisturizer. The beard will stay nourished and hydrated at the same time.

With the best coconut oil, you’ll experience a complete beard repair. And the soy protein is there to stimulate a healthy beard hair growth. In the end, the product leaves a nice masculine smell that isn’t much strong to irritate you. With daily use, this product will create good control to tame your unruly beard.

The key benefit of using this product is that they are non-sticky or greasy. So, you can apply the product with ease, plus it will not stick your beard hair together to give an odd look that you don’t want. You can get a good hold of your beard hair with the anti-frizz formulas.

The moisturizer is safe to use and will not create any acne, pore-clogging, or pimples. The travel-friendly packaging makes this product free to carry with you to achieve the look you want anytime and anywhere.


  • Dedicated for long and wild beard hairs.
  • 2 in 1 action to moisturize and condition the beard.
  • Helps to combat itchiness, dry skin, and druffs.
  • Relaxes the beard without frizz or flyaways.
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky.
  • Combination of coconut with soy protein for the overall health of your beard.
  • No more dry skins under the beard.
  • Safe and Non-comedogenic products.


  • The product is not made with 100% natural ingredients. It contains panthenol, which is a chemical.

3. Mitch MVRCK Skin + Beard Lotion

Best Beard Moisturizers

Getting a product with ingredients extracted from Mother Nature is hard to find. But once you get, you are lucky enough for a healthy beard. One such category of product is this Paul Mitch MVRCK skin and beard lotion. With a simple application, it will work well on both skin and beard hairs.

This beard lotion is made of barley seed extract that helps restore the lost shine and freshness in your beard. The reason to use this lotion is that it keeps your beard soft and moisturized with a single-use. The smells are also non-overpowering, with a note of agave citrus scent.

The product can deal with the shortest stubble to longer coarser hair and wakes up the skin. With its advanced formula, the lotion has the power to penetrate the skin surface to leave the skin feel good. It’s a perfect mix for those suffering from excessive dryness and frizzy hair.

When you apply this lotion to the hair, you can decrease the workload on combs. The combs will get a smooth gliding beard hair that will eventually remove the knots and tangles without pulling the beard hairs. Using the lotion will also keep you away from skin flaking. The lotion spreads out quickly to give a more manageable beard.


  • Makes your skin refreshing.
  • Made from natural ingredients.
  • Doesn’t leave your skin sticky or oily.
  • Less mess to apply the lotion.
  • Free from parabens and glutens.
  • Works underneath the skin for moisturizing
  • Suitable for all beard size and lengths.


  • Some users are not satisfied with the funky smell of the lotion that arises after a few months.

4. Bluebeards Original Beard Saver

Best Beard Moisturizers

No more beardicide, if you have such an award-winning ‘Bluebeard Original Beard Saver’ in your hand. The stuff is loaded with amazing formulas specially made to overcome the itchy phase of the beard hairs.

The combination of natural key ingredients, lime, and aloe, is perfect for beard management to eliminate the feeling of dryness under the beard. The lotion’s consistency provides a great alternative to the oils that makes the beard filled with an oily texture.

The daily beard care lotion with the lime power helps break down the dirt and the aloe- everyone knows its benefit to soothe and moisturize the skin. The 4 oz pack can be bought in scented and unscented versions. The lime scented lotion is designed to have your beard smell great. While those who don’t find the lime scent appealing to your beard, they can switch to unscented ones.

When you choose this product, you’re probably making the best deal to have an awesome fuller beard. A small amount of rubbing over the beard can control even the unruly beard hair from top to bottom.

To ensure high transparency and safety, this beard saver has been tested on the toughest beard hair. Enjoy the great beard maintenance within a few minutes and be ready to welcome new growth of hairs.


  • Grooming lounge award-winning lotion for three times.
  • A great alternative to greasy oils.
  • Eliminate the itchy beard with a simple application.
  • Scented and Unscented options available.
  • Prevent ingrown hair and make the beard look fuller.
  • Paraben and sulfate-free lotion.
  • Made for most sensitive skins and beards.
  • No artificial colors or fragrances.
  • Prepared using the best ingredients of aloe, lime, Shea oil, and aloe oil.


  • Some beard wearers may prefer more strong and pleasant fragrances.

5. Wahl Beard Cream for Softening, Moisturizing & Conditioning Facial Hair

Best Beard Moisturizers

Wahl may be the first name that rises in one’s mind regarding men’s grooming products such as clippers and trimmers. But the main peculiarity is that the brand doesn’t stop here with their products. They have always been working to provide a great service for men’s beauty.

The Beard Cream had also found itself the best place as one of the best beard moisturizers. Trusted by the professionals, the Wahl beard creams are going to give top care for your beard in terms of stopping itches, skin conditioning, and beard softening.

When you first look at the creamy texture, you would feel like it will stick onto your beard. But as soon as you apply, you will see its magic of getting dissolved softly to your beard without leaving any residue on beard hairs.

The high-quality ingredients with a proprietary blend of manuka oil, meadowfoam seed oil, clove oil, moringa oil have their unique best properties for giving a manly smelling healthy beard.

This beard specific conditioner can target any type of hair (stubble or long) and promises that it will not make your beard bulkier after applying. In addition to deep conditioning the hair, it will also moisturize the skin from deep inside. In the end, what you’ll get is a superior beard that’s on another level to impress anyone.


  • Gets absorbed quickly on the beard hair.
  • Transform the coarse, tangly beard into a softer, smoother beard.
  • Non-greasy and creamy texture.
  • Relieves dryness in the skin.
  • Alleviates the discomforts of an itchy beard.
  • Keeps your beard away from getting itchy.
  • Made with the best botanicals in the USA.
  • Ingredients penetrate the whiskers to make it soften from within.


  • Overly Strong scent (as per reviews)

6. Kave Premium Beard Butter

Best Beard Moisturizers

At first, seeing the beautiful package, you’ll be able to guess the impression of a quality product inside. Kave Diamond Beard Butter is infused with premium ingredients that act as a vitamin to heal all the problems which may arise during beard growth.

Don’t get tricky with the white texture of the butter. The white butter would help your beard glow its natural color rather than sticking itself to create a whitish residue on the hair. The creamy and butter-soft balm is meticulously crafted to keep the mixture of ingredients intact rather than getting separated over time. Not too thick to create difficulty while applying and nor too light to act as a liquid. The uniform mixture without any clumps helps to apply the balm with much simplicity.

The Shea butter, coconut oil, and argan oil form the base to work similar to a hydrating oil and prevent itchiness. The Kave beard butter brings a lot to the table in terms of moisturizing and styling the beard. You can style the beard in any way you want without struggling to present yourself in the best form.

Aloe vera is a key to fight with flakes that come out from the skin, and by this formula, a skin free from dryness is what you get. The scent is light and masculine that will make you crazy and attractive.

A moisturizing balm works like a miracle for even aging beards. The tin comes with 2 ounces of butter balm that would last well for a longer time.


  • Made with a combination of essential oil, carrier oil, and butter.
  • Helps to style and shape the beard.
  • Prevents and stops flaking of the skin in the form of beardruff.
  • Consistent formula with zero clumps.
  • The attractive smell from natural essential oils.


  • You may need to apply it many times to get the desired results.

7. Rugged Bold Beard Lotion

Best Beard Moisturizers

Here is the best conditioner to get a good start for battling with wild beard hairs. The lotion conditioner is designed safely by excluding most of the chemicals such as parabens or sodium chloride that are harmful to the skin and beard. These lotions can be a great alternative to those who don’t want to use oil or balm.

A small amount of lotion can give tremendous results to repair the damaged beard. Split ends are a major problem faced by every hair. Whether it’s of beard or head, the result would be breakage. Thanks to the vitamin B5 (panthenol) and wheat proteins, it will help treat the hair from the root to promote growth and seal the split ends. Natural ingredients such as sandalwood oil, aloe vera, argan oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerine, etc. will work together to boost the beard condition.

Unlike other moisturizers, this product is tested safe to use after a chemically treated beard such as colored, straightened, etc. The addition of silicon had made the lotion to be much versatile. The beard will now get a shield to protect it from heats.

Men with oily hair types will find this lotion to be extremely beneficial. The result would be a dirt-free beard that is highly moisturized and fuller in look. The conditioner will be like a mask to the hair. You’ll not need to wash it off after applying. Just leave it all day and get a fix to the fringes of hair.


  • Free from parabens and sodium chloride.
  • Silicon shield for heat protection.
  • Repair protects, and soften the beards.
  • Pro-Vitamin B5 to manage the fringes.
  • Proteins to support healthy beard growth.
  • Safe for chemically treated beards.
  • Say goodbye to split ends problems.
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skins.


  • The smell is very mild to none.

8. KEEPIT HANDSOME Beard Moisturizer

Best Beard Moisturizers

Just look at the name of the brand ‘KeepIt Handsome’; it is enough to tell you what the beard moisturizer will do with your beard. The moisturizer is perfect in playing its duty to quench the thirst of dry skin by hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Within a few uses, you’re going to experience a dandruff-free skin. And no druff, meaning – no more irritations or itchiness. These will not let your beard weigh down or make it look awkward with ultra shines. All it will do is leave the skin and beard fresh- it’s the quality you might be searching for.

When coming to the scent, it has a light, subtle smell that’s not strong enough to cause any suffocations. In terms of texture, the moisturizer is non-greasy and non-flaky with a smooth, creamy note.

The moisturizer features excellent natural ingredients with a lichen extract. The premium looking container and top-class moisturizer are worthy of consideration. Easy to apply feature makes it a great option for those looking for a quick way to better beard grooming in a hurry.

The beard friendly moisturizer is free from parabens and other harsh chemicals. When you have a deeply moisturized skin with this moisturizer, you can get good control over the beard to style it in your preferred way with a beard balm or wax.


  • Penetrates down to the skin for deep nourishment.
  • Spreads quickly over the beard.
  • Light fragrance that smells great.
  • No harsh chemicals or parabens were used.
  • Made for all types of hairs.
  • Moisturizer is not greasy or oily in texture.
  • Natural lichen extract as a base for moisturizing and conditioning.


  • 50 ml moisturizer will not last longer durations.

What are Different Types of Beard Moisturizers?

Also known as Beard Lotions, the conditioners help to condition, hydrate the beard and moisturize the skin and hair by roots. They are normally liquid or creamy in texture. Leave-in conditioners can be applied after a bath and are kept in your beard for the whole day. The absorbing capacity of a beard conditioner is more than oil and balms.

Beard balm contains essential oils and carrier oil as a primary ingredient. In addition to this, you can also find some beeswax that would help to style your beard for staying it longer. They are also excellent for moisturizing the beard.

Unlike beard balm, beard oil doesn’t contain any wax. They are used to condition the beard to make it appear shinier and fuller with its oily texture. Since beard oil is made up of carrier and essential oils, we can say that it is a less water-based version of a moisturizer.

How to Apply a Beard Moisturizer in Simple Steps?

Best Beard Moisturizers

Step 1: Wash your Beard

Your beard moisturizer needs to reach the skin surface to get penetrated to deeper layers. Therefore, it is essential to make them clean by washing the beard. You can also try the moisturizer after a bath. A warm shower can help the cuticle to open up. Applying moisturizer into an opened cuticle will help to get better results.

Step 2: Take the Beard Moisturizer.

Select the appropriate beard moisturizer as per your hair type. Then start with a small amount of moisturizer in your hand. Rub it in your hands before applying into the beard.

Step 3: Apply the moisturizer

Once your hand is coated with the moisturizer, start to apply on the beards. Use your fingers to distribute the moisturizer evenly from root to tip of the hair and the skin. Much focus should be on the skin. Massage and rub the hands over the beard. If you need more, you can again take the moisturizer and follow similar steps to moisturize the skin and hair completely.

Step 4: Final Step

At last, use a comb to spread the moisturizer more effectively to achieve the desired look.

How often to Apply Beard Moisturizer?

The frequency of application is completely dependent on the user. Moreover, it will also vary for different hair types. For example, a long beard may require to apply twice or thrice a day. You can also use it several times to keep the beard moisturized. But, better choose a superior moisturizer that would keep its effects for longer hours. You’ll not require applying it frequently in such cases.

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