7 Cute Beach Hairstyles Even Lazy Girls Will Love

Want to look fab for all of your Instagram beach vacation pictures, but you don’t want to break a sweat doing it? Then discover cute beach hairstyles here.

Wind, water, sand, the elements are literally against you when it comes to maintaining a good hairstyle at the beach.

Fortunately, there are a few cute beach hairstyles that anyone can do and look stylish no matter the weather at the beach. After all, even while getting some surf and sun, you still gotta look your best.

1. Braided Boho Bun

Beach Hairstyles

If you like to have your long locks flowing while you’re at the beach, but still need your hair out of your face, this is the perfect do.

Simply tie half your hair up in a loose boho style bun on top of your head. Add some more boho chicness to the look by braiding one long strand of hair coming down from the bun.


2. Dutch Crown

Beach Hairstyles

Everyone from Lauren Conrad to J-Lo is donning the dutch braid these days. This simple braid looks complex but is just a reverse braid.

Break your hair into three parts and loop each third under instead of over the other part just as you would a normal braid.

Start on the side of your head and keep braiding around the front and top until you can tie the end off at the back of your head. Voila-you’ve got yourself a dutch crown!


3. Bun Piggys

Beach Hairstyles

This is truly the hair-do for the simplest of girls, yet somehow it’s still ultra-feminine. Section your hair into two parts.

Then grab each section of hair at the nape of your neck and stick it in a bun. You can do your buns up high on the top of your head for a nice Minnie Mouse effect too.


4. Rosie the Riveter

Beach Hairstyles

Say you’re headed out to see the Bahamas on a Bahamas cruise, bring with you some vintage feminine charm with this easy hairdo.

All you need is a hair-tie and a scarf. Throw your hair into a high bun and wrap the scarf around, tying it in front just like Rosie the Riveter. You’ll really be channeling that cute 1940s vibe.


5. High Pony

Beach Hairstyles

It’s a classic for a reason. When you’re hitting the beach and have little time, just toss your hair up in a sassy high ponytail.

It’s tough to beat and easy to do.


6. Twisted Side-Pony

Beach Hairstyles

This beautiful “twist” on the typical side-pony is easy enough for a day at the beach yet classy enough for a wedding.

Pull your hair over into a side-ponytail. Then, using your fingers, create a hole above the hair-tie, separating the hair into two parts. Then, loop your ponytail inside the hole and pull it through.


7. Corn-Row Pony

Beach Hairstyles

This hairstyle is good for women with bangs or long hair they really need to keep out of their eyes. Section your hair off into four parts starting at your hairline. Then braid each section and tie off the end of the braid as far back as you’d like.

Once you’ve finished your four braids, grab the four ends and pull them together into one pony.


Cute Beach Hairstyles Are Just the Beginning

Simple and cute beach hairstyles are a staple for looking your best at the beach. But what about every other day of the week?

Browse our blog for hairdo ideas to suit everything from weddings to a day at the office.

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