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4 Most Thrilling Haunted Tours in San Francisco

The 4 Best San Francisco Ghost Tours & Night Walks

As the home of such spooky sites as Alcatraz and The Richmond, San Francisco is the place to be for all the sites and stops.

There’s so much history in The Golden Gate City that it’s no surprise at all that a variety of ghosts, spirits, poltergeists, and even cryptids can be found there. 

A lot has happened over the last couple of hundred years, and every death and crime leaves its psychic mark. 

So, when planning your vacations in San Francisco, don’t forget to make room on the itinerary to indulge your macabre leanings.

Whether you’re a true believer or just someone hoping for a fun time with the kids or a date, it’s tough to beat a nighttime jaunt through the myriad haunted places in San Francisco. 

Make your choice based on your own personal interests, where you’d like to go, and of course, just how fear and terror you think you can stand.

We vouch for all of these tours, and we think they’re all a fun and informative time. 

They’re listed in no particular order, so be sure to consider all of these haunted tours in spooky San Francisco.

1 – San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour

Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour - from 4 Most Thrilling Haunted Tours in San Francisco

Photo credit: flickr/lennygreenwald

Chinatown Ghost Tours in San Francisco are surprisingly hard to come by, considering the incredibly rich culture and history of the area.

Chinese folklore and legends are wonderful to explore, and the Chinese conception of ghosts and spirits have some fascinating differences to Western lore, as well as some shocking similarities.

This is a walking tour that takes place at nighttime, led by a very knowledgeable guide.

It’s clear the guides really enjoy their job, and it’s a pleasure to hear their numerous stories and anecdotes.

Like many of San Francisco’s haunted tours, the Chinatown tour hits some famous spooky landmarks as well as a number of lesser-known local haunted hotspots. 

Seeing everything lit up at night is a treat, and it’s easy to feel like you’ve entered a whole other world.

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