21 Fascinating Brown Ombre Hair to Look Fabulous

With the variety of coloring options for our hair, most of us seem confused that which color we should go for. As every color has its own unique identity which makes you look beautiful, attractive, bold, and stylish. Yes, you heard it right, you can look bold and beautiful just by changing your hair color also. You not always have to get a haircut done, sometimes, you can look better with simple hair color also.

It completely depends on you, whether you want to completely change your hair color or you just want to get some of the streaks colored. Also, you need to decide the kind of look you want like if you want to have a funky look you can color like electric blue, electric purple, pink, and orange. But if you want to get a sober look, you can go for ombre color look. So, this post is dedicated to all the women who want to keep brown ombre color hair look. Let’s see in how many different ways you can get it.

Brunette Ombre Shade for Long Waves

Brown Ombre Hair

When you have the long and smooth waves, then to make it look stunning, you can get the dual shade done. Many girls prefer to go for light shade hair color with dark shade hair color. But sometimes two dark shades can also look good together like in this hairstyle. The brunette shade base color with the long waves of shining ombre shade is looking gorgeous. It is giving a look of the golden blonde shade. You can get this hairstyle for different occasions, be it your everyday look, or you want to get it especially for any party.

Black with the Shaded Ombre Waves

Brown Ombre Hair

For some ladies, it’s quite unusual to get the dark over the dark, but these days it is in trend. As you can see in the picture, it is another dark over dark color shade hairstyle. But the way the hairstylist has done it is looking perfect. The hairstylist has kept the base hair black only, making the waves colored in ombre shade. But the waves are colored in the shaded style, going from dark brown ombre to chocolate brown ombre at the tip. So, next time if you choose a dark over dark hair color, do keep this hairstyle in mind.

Go Dark to Light Blonde Ombre Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

A perfect hair shade is made when the hair is given the shaded look from dark to light hair color. You can also call it a faded style, but it is looking really great in the picture. And the variation is not just in the color, but in the style as well. As you can see that the hairstylist has kept the hair at the top in the dark shade with smooth straight hair. But while coming down the shade has started fading, and the hairstyle is also changing from straight to wavy hair. The hair color picked in this style is dark brown shade at the top and the light blonde ombre shade at the bottom.

Get Your Curls Shaded in Chocolate Ombre Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

If you want to make your hair look bulky and lustrous both at the same time, then go for this look. With the shining jet black hair color on the top, the hairstylist has chosen the chocolate ombre color for the shade. You can get half of your hair from the mid-length to the tip length, colored with the chocolate brown ombre shade. This hairstyle and hair color look will suit the working women a lot, especially with the professional outfit.

Shaded Highlights with the Black Hair Color

Brown Ombre Hair

Highlighting the hair tresses is something which everyone loves. And when you choose such beautiful colors to highlight, your hairstyle looks awesome. Go for this highlighting style, where the hairstylist has started highlighting the tresses from the mid hair length. Keeping the base black, the hairstylist has used shaded highlight with brownish ombre shade. All the highlighted hair tresses are turned wavy to give them a sassy look from the back.

Ombre Blonde Faded Hair Color Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

If you like faded hair color style, then go for this one. Especially, who have medium hair length, as this will suit them more. No matter if your hair tresses are not curly or wavy and they look frizzy, still you can get this hairstyle. The hair tresses are of dark shade at the top, and when coming to the down, the hairstylist has given the faded look. With the brownish ombre, to the blonde ombre, the hairstylist has changed the shade from dark to the light. Get the asymmetrical hair cut done with this hairstyle.

Half Streaks Ombre Highlight

Brown Ombre Hair

Sometimes, your hairstyle not matters but the coloring techniques do. Instead of taking the full-length streaks and coloring those into ombre shade. The hair stylist has left the top hair dark only and has picked the streaks from the half-length hair and have colored them with the brownish ombre shade. You can keep the hair parted from the center and leave some of them at the back and some at the front. This is a very pretty look, especially for young girls.

Get Your Twirls Shaded with Golden Ombre

Brown Ombre Hair

Golden Ombre is in these days, just like it was a trend for the golden blonde hair color. Girls are loving the golden ombre look. This look will suit girls who have hair full of volume. Even if you have medium length hair then also you will look good with this style. But if you will closely notice this style, it is going from jet black to the light shade. So, it has different shades of ombre in it. From the jet-black shade, the dark brown ombre shade is there and then it is fading into the golden ombre shade. By reaching the tip, you will notice the color of the tresses is lightly golden.

Auburn Ombre Faded Hairstyle

Brown Ombre Hair

It is becoming a trend to keep your inner tresses smooth and the outer ones a bit wavy or curly. And to make it look very prominent and beautiful, girls are getting it highlighted. These days, you can try the highlights also in different ways. Like here, the highlight is done with the auburn ombre shade and is fading as it is reaching the tip. At the tip, you can see the hair color is completely faded into light auburn and butter blonde shade. The hair tresses are chopped in a way, that their tips are looking frizzy. This is making the shaded color more visible especially at the hair tip.

Light Blonde Ombre Highlight with Sleek Streaks

Brown Ombre Hair

Highlighting the streaks is amazing but highlighting sleek streaks is definitely a level up when it comes to hair coloring. Just like in this hairstyle, you can see that a little burnt ombre highlight is done at the starting of the streaks. And then they are dipped in the light golden blonde ombre shade. This hairstyle is looking very sassy and tempting. For the parties, one can definitely try this look. As the rings made if the hair tresses are looking very pretty especially in the shade they are colored in.

Faded Brown Ombre Hair with Highlights

Brown Ombre Hair

Are you not getting the feeling of dusty brown, after seeing this hair color? But have you ever thought that even the dusty brown can look beautiful and bold? The highlights are asymmetrical and are not done in proper proportion. But then that is what the style is. With the asymmetrical hair cut and untangled hair tresses, get the unusual brown with the highlighted ombre hair color. Also, this style does not just make for the casual fun-loving parties, but it also makes for the office look. So, what are you waiting for? Here is your next office cum party look.

Ash Brown with the Golden Bold Ombre Highlight

Brown Ombre Hair

This look is definitely a tempting look for many. No matter whether a teenage girl tries this look or a 30+ lady go for it or an old woman tries this look, it will look amazing on all. One must try this hair color shade combo once with their hair. But it might not look this much tempting and bold with the straight hair or curly hair. So, get this haircut first, and then try this brownish shade hairstyle with the streaks colored with golden ombre color. It is a dual ombre color shade.

Shining Shaded Brownish Ombre Tousled Hair

Brown Ombre Hair

You can easily get this hairstyle, as you will not have to go for a lot of variations. With a base color of dark brown, you can use any light shade with it. And the hair picked up by the hairstylist is really a great choice. As light brownish ombre compliments the dark brown color a lot. Leaving the top hair dark and from the mid-portion till the bottom with a light ombre shade, you can get a really great hairstyle like the one in the picture. Try to leave your hair a bit tousled at the bottom, to make a style.

Smooth Butter Blonde Ombre Curls

Brown Ombre Hair

With this hairstyle, anyone can fall in love, as these smooth curly hair tresses are looking gorgeous. From the office to any party to any traditional occasion, you can carry this hairstyle anywhere. Keep the upper hair smooth, and then the lower ones curly. Make sure you make smooth curls only. Get the top hair colored with brownish ombre and the curls with the shade. Get your curls shaded in the blonde ombre shade starting with the golden blonde. You can either keep all your tresses at one side or half one on one shoulder and a half at the back.

Straight Ombre Dual Shade Hairstyle

Brown Ombre Hair

The dual shade hairstyle will look really great on the straight hair tresses. To achieve this look, you will not have to think a lot. As it is a simple and decent hairstyle, that looks pretty on anyone. All you have to get is the pale brown ombre shade to the top tresses. And the light ombre blonde shade at the lower tresses. You will look like a diva with this hairstyle as it is equally colored with the dual tone, giving it a perfect look.

Brown and Blonde Ombre Dual Tone Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

Some hair tresses can look great when they are given a bouncy hair look. Just like this image, as the girl in this image is looking great because of her hair tresses. Her hair tresses are looking full of volume, because of the brownish ombre shade and the blonde ombre shade. Get this dual tone equally means half on the top and half bottom. And leave them open with some smooth open waves.

Golden Brown Ombre with Pixie Cut

Brown Ombre Hair

Pixie cuts are always known for their boldness. And that is one of the reasons why you will see many professional women also with the same hairstyle. But how about a transformation in the pixie hairstyle with the hair color change. Yes, you can get rid of your boring hair color for your pixie style bold haircut. You can get the golden brown ombre color on your hair, to get this look. The golden and the shiny hairstyle will make you sensuous. So, get this hair color done, today itself if you have this hairstyle.

Ash Brown Ombre with Diamond Shade Hairstyle

Brown Ombre Hair

The ash brown and diamond shade, can look great too, and it is visible in the image. With the straight hair tresses, you can make the best choice to look amazing by getting this hair color done. Keeping the above hair with dark brown or a bit of brunette shade and the lower ones with the diamond ombre shade. But the mix of the shades created at the mid is giving a perfect shaded and faded both looks together. For coloring your straight hair this can be a really nice style.

Shining Brown Ombre with Golden Blonde Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

We know you all must be waiting for some ombre hair look for short hair. So, here is the one, and it is one of the hottest hairstyles among the others which we mentioned here. Get your hair colored with the light brown ombre from top to mid and then golden blonde ombre from mid to bottom. The hair at the mid should be turned into twirls as they will make you look beautiful.

Black and Brown Ombre with Dark Shade

Brown Ombre Hair

Sometimes one can get the casual look with the ombre hair color as well. However, this color is basically for the elegance, but if you see here, this is giving a very casual look to the girl along with the hairstyle. Here, the hair from the top, that means from the root are still black, till the ear. Below the ear, the hair color is done with reddish brown ombre hair color. You can leave the tresses at the tip of the hair tangled only. It will look give you dual tone look.

Brownish Ombre Shade with Golden Shine

Brown Ombre Hair

Getting the smooth and silky hair look is still easy, but to match a perfect color for it is not. The hairstylist has shaded the hair color with ombre brown look. It is a mix of ombre dark brown and ombre light brown. The hair color has a golden shine, which is making it look more beautiful. Such hairstyles are perfect for every occasion.

These are some of the best brown ombre hairstyle and hair color collection which we shared with you. From long length to short length to medium, from straight to wavy to curly, we have ombre hair color style for all. No matter what your style is, be it the stylish one or the decent one, you will find all in the collection mentioned above. So, just get ready by doing any of these hair color styles. Share your views about these ombre hairstyles with us and let us know how they looked on you.

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