18 Graduation Hairstyles for Gorgeous Diva Look

Graduation Day is the time to celebrate all your efforts and hard work you have done that led to this amazing occasion when you would be recognized with your degree and your graduation cap. At that point of time, your route starts to go confidently in the direction of your dreams to live the life you always imagined while perusing the studies. Graduation is the time when you step out of your student life and step into your professional carrier and to celebrate that proud moment you should style yourself with the best outfit and best hairstyle that suits your personality and give you the credence to attend your convocation day with delightful heart.

As it is the time before you leave your college, your teachers and the fun time you spent with your friends, you would be really excited to capture all those moments in a perfect style. To do that you would be looking out for an optimum hairstyle that you can choose to wear on your big day of recognition. It can be a burdensome task to choose the best hairstyle as you get many options, but we have got you some of the most amazing and appealing graduation hairstyles that would give you charming and eye-catching looks.

Twisted Half Ponytail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Twisted half ponytail hairstyle is a classy, elegant and super adorable hairstyle that suits best for long hair. A twisted ponytail is a very easy hairstyle, and you can carry for the big day without any hustle of maintaining your hair and looks very cute. To achieve this hairstyle, you can curl your back hair then take few strands from one side and twist it. Add some strands from top hair and again twist it and repeat the same for both sides and tie the strands in middle to get this fabulous look.

Back Crown Braid Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Super cute hairstyle giving you an adorable look with elegance and perfection. Back Crown braid hairstyle is a great option for your graduation day to capture great memories. For the long curly hair with some highlights, back crown braid gives astounding looks. Back crown braid is an easy hairstyle but make sure you handle your curls perfectly to get the amazing desired look. Crown braid hairstyle goes with any outfit and any face type.

Side Part Pinned Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Side part hairstyle is a popular hairstyle and preferred by most of the girls who prefer to show up the real themselves. When you wear a side part hairstyle, it shows your bold and courageous personality. You can try side parting by pinning up your hair from one side a little back giving a beautiful look and as an add on to your glamour. Side part pinned hairstyle looks great for bold outfits but still an amazing option for your graduation day for straight and sleek hair.

Low Ponytail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Low Ponytail hairstyle is a simple and cute hairstyle and is great for your graduation day as it would be so comfortable to wear your graduation cap and carry it for a long time. Easy hairstyle with low maintenance and let you show the classy pair of earrings you want to wear with your graduation day outfit. To give more style to your low ponytail after tying it in a ponytail, take few strands from down and roll it over the ponytail to hide the rubber band and secure it with a hairpin.

Side French Braid Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Side French braid hairstyle is a very unique and stylish hairstyle that looks awesome with long hair. To achieve side French braid, do a side parting, then take a thick section of your hair from the longer side. Start braiding your strands and adding few strands from the top after every turn till center and then braid the rest of the strands, leaving it open at the end. Side French braid looks very classy and cute with your graduation cap.

One Side Low Pigtail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Perfect hairstyle to showcase the child inside you to remember all your fun during the time before your big day. Start styling your hair by middle parting. From one side, take a few strands and make a loose pigtail and secure it with a rubber band. To give more volume to the pigtail, pull out each twist. Keep the pigtail behind your ear and leave the other side hair-free for a unique and charming look.

Braided Crown Bun Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Braided Crown bun is a high-class chic hairstyle and an amazing option to style your hair for your convocation day. Super easy to maintain hairstyle and even upgrade your look with the graduation day cap. To get the particular look, you need to braid your hair from both sides and make a low bun in the shape of a crown by securing your both the braids near the neck with bobby pins. The braided crown bun looks great with a long gown or ethnic wear.

Half Up Bubble Braid Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Half up bubble braid hairstyle is a beautiful combination of texture, braids, and bubble ponytail. Giving you the grace and charm that will be unrivaled. To achieve half up bubble braid hairstyle, start making 2-3 braids on both sides and tie them all in a half ponytail. Now, tie up a rubber band at 1/4th section and pass the rest of the hair through the pony hole. Repeat the process three more times. Add some waves to the end for a finishing look.

Short Tousled Wavy Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

For short to medium length hair, tousled hair gives an adorable and pleasing look and is the best option for your graduation day. Short to medium length tousled hair make you look really cute and let you show the pretty and charming personality you carry. The tousled hairstyle looks great with a side parting. To give finishing touch, you can curl the front fringes and style it on the longer side for an appealing look.

Loose Braids with Side Bun Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Loose Braids with Side bun hairstyle is a perfect college campus hairstyle to wear on your graduation day. Loose braids with side bun hairstyles have many twists and turns that make it unique and beautiful. For the low bun, you need to do a side ponytail using a donut bun and cover all your hair over the bun and secure it with bobby pins after loose braiding on both sides and for the finishing touch add some fresh flowers to the bun.

Short Wavy Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

One of the cute hairstyles for short hair is short waves hairstyle. Short waves are really simple and easy and look stylish and smart. You can easily maintain short waves hairstyles for a whole day at your graduation and can even wear your graduation cap for a long time with elegance and a charming appeal. Short waves hairstyle is the perfect option if you are planning to wear a black outfit as it looks super classy and gives an exclusive overall look.

Loose Pigtails Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Loose Pigtails hairstyle is inspired by Lana Condor’s hairstyle and is a super chic hairstyle to rock your graduation day. The idea to make loose pigtail is to keep it free and a little messy that gives a unique appeal to the overall look. To achieve this hairstyle part your hair into two sections. For each section take a few strands and tie with a rubber band till half-length on both sides. Now gather all the hair including free strands and tie with a rubber band to a low length keeping front fringes free.

Natural Afro Middle part Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Carrying your natural look on your graduation day shows your self-love and boost your self-confidence. Natural Afro curls left freely are a pretty and smart hairstyle for all the African American girls on your graduation day. To get more texture and volume, you can do the middle parting of your natural curls to give an amazing appeal to the overall look you carry. Combined with the graduation cap, your Afro hair gives a beautiful charm and happiness on your big day.

Twisted Sides Ponytail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Twisted sides ponytail hairstyle is a French twist with a twist and looks very unique and sophisticated. To achieve a twisted side ponytail, you need to center part your hair. Create two pigtails on both sides, and for that, you need to keep on twisting your hair and securing with bobby pins and repeat the process till the nape of your neck. Gather both the side pigtails and secure them in a low ponytail for the super classy graduation hairstyle.

Loose Waves Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Most of the graduation students like to keep their hair free on the graduation day as it is a long day and to maintain a hairstyle with pins or accessories can be a tough task. So, as a simple solution, you can keep your hair free with some textured waves that are created with the help of fingers and avoiding the use of comb for a more natural and messier look. You can keep your hair free with a center parting to have even hair on both sides that looks amazing when you wear your graduation cap.

Multi Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Multi Braid ponytail hairstyle is a different hairstyle that won’t be worn by a lot of girls and makes your hairstyle to be unique on your graduation day. Multi braid hairstyle includes many twists and turns and is a perfect hairstyle for girls with long hair having a huge volume of hair. To achieve multi braids ponytail, you need to start braiding few strands from the left side, some from the top and some from the right side based on the volume of hair and gradually adding all the braids in a single ponytail for a delightful and glamorous look.

Afro Ponytail Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

Afro hair can sometimes be tough to handle when you have a big volume of hair and need to carry your hair for the whole long day. So, if you are looking for an easily manageable hairstyle for your big Afro hair, Afro ponytail hairstyle is the choice for you. To achieve Afro ponytail hairstyle, you need to apply hair gel on top hair to keep it intact and then gather all your hair in a ponytail. Take a few strands from down and roll on the ponytail and secure it with a hair clip and lastly, pin-up the small side hair in a stylish way using colored pins.

Curly Top Hairstyle

Graduation Hairstyles

For a bold and courageous look at managing your 4-c type hair to get a smart and chic look on your graduation day, top knot hairstyle is a highly recommendable hairstyle. You can pair up this hairstyle with a big pair of earrings and a classy T-shirt or shirt with little to no makeup. To get a this hairstyle for super curly hair, you would need a big cloth hairband. Gather all your curly hair on the top and tie the hairband from the backside to the front, creating a knot. You can use matching hairband with your outfit for a more appealing look.

Graduation day pictures are your lifetime memories with caps, gowns, ethnic wear you also need to ensure to get the best hairstyle that will add a charismatic look to your personality. You can use any hairstyle for your big day to celebrate among free hairstyles, braided hairstyles, bun hairstyles or crown hairstyles. All of these amazing hairstyles pair perfectly with any cap and gown you are about to get on your convocation day. Apart from that, the classy hairdos give you the confidence to proudly receive your hard-earned cap and degree and shine among the whole staff and students.

The Big day is an unforgettable day, whether you are graduating from high school or college. So, make sure to choose the supreme hairstyle to get fascinating and astounding looks.

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