15 STUNNING Airbnbs in Memphis, TN [2021 Edition]

Quick Answer: These are the Top 5 Airbnbs in Memphis, TN

Overall Best Value Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Midtown Charm in Historic Overton, Memphis

Overall Best Value Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Midtown Charm in Historic Overton

  • > $$
  • > 4 guests
  • > Awesome location
  • > Self-check-in

Best Budget Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Cute and Quiet Room Memphis

Best Budget Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Cute and Quiet Room

  • > $
  • > 2 guests
  • > Cosy living area
  • > Toiletries included

Best Airbnb for Couples in Memphis, TN

Renovated Carriage House in Heart of Memphis

Best Airbnb for Couples in Memphis, TN

Renovated Carriage House in Heart of Memphis

  • > $$
  • > 2 guests
  • > Queen bed
  • > Light and airy

Best Airbnb in Memphis, TN for Families

Spacious Four Bedroom Home Memphis

Best Airbnb in Memphis, TN for Families

Spacious Four Bedroom Home

  • > $$$$
  • > 9 guests
  • > Fully equipped kitchen
  • > Large garden

Over-the-Top Luxury Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Spacious Downtown Townhouse Memphis

Over-the-Top Luxury Airbnb in Memphis, TN

Spacious Downtown Townhouse

  • > $$$$$$$$
  • > 14 guests
  • > Pool table
  • > Central location

Ready to book your accommodation? Make sure to check out our Where to Stay in Memphis guide to find the perfect neighborhood for you!

What to Expect from Airbnbs in Memphis, TN

There is a wide range of Airbnbs in Memphis. With everything from carriage houses and bungalows to city-centre apartments in the thick of all the action, they can suit any travel style.

You’ll find a mix of hosts in Memphis – with private owners offering up space in their homes and sometimes entire places. However, the more expensive entire places (especially those downtown) might be managed by a company instead.

As you may expect, the cheapest places to stay are quiet rooms in someone’s home – particularly good for digital nomads or solo travellers. However, if you’re happy to splash out a little more, you can get yourself any of the three types of place listed below. Let’s check them out!

What to Expect from Airbnbs in Memphis

Entire House

Want a home away from home? An entire house is the best way to go about it. They are ideal for a group of friends or family travelling in the USA and stopping over in Memphis. Entire houses can be in a range of styles, from carriage houses (an outbuilding that has been repurposed from holding horse-drawn carriages) to big bungalows holding multiple guests.

Even in the cheapest entire houses, expect large living spaces, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a garden. If you spend more and get lucky, you may even get a pool!

You won’t find so many entire houses slap bang in the Downtown area of Memphis. Instead, look out to Midtown and Cooper-Young.

Entire houses may cross over with bungalows when searching in the listings on Airbnb.

Airbnbs in Memphis

Entire Flat

Want to be right in the centre of the action? Then an entire flat is probably the best option for you. They’re scattered across the whole of Memphis, but are especially prevalent in the Downtown area near Beale Street – perfect for walking back after a night of music, dancing, and BBQ!

Though you can get large entire flats for 6 – 8 people, you’ll find a lot more that have space for four or fewer. Therefore, they can be a great shout for a couple having a romantic weekend away, or even a solo traveller with a bit of extra cash to spare.

Similar to entire houses, you can usually expect a living area and a fully equipped kitchen in your Memphis flat.


Though less common than the other two types of Airbnb in Memphis, there is still a decent selection of bungalows in town. Most are found in the hip and bohemian Cooper-Young area.

It’s five miles (roughly quarter of an hour) from Downtown Memphis, but the good news is that Cooper-Young has its own centre with lots of cool places to eat and drink in the evenings. There are even some museums in the area!

Bungalows are good for large families; some have space for up to ten people – great for a group celebration! Being able to split the costs multiple ways means they’re actually quite kind on the pocket.

Sometimes, you may find bungalows listed under entire house and vice versa.

Why Stay in an Airbnb

Now that you’ve seen what to expect from Memphis, and what you can expect from Airbnbs, you’ll want to see what’s on offer. But first, let us give you five reasons why you should stay in an Airbnb, just in case there was a flicker of doubt!

  • Local Experience: Especially if you’re not in the heart of things, it’s good to have a local host to give recommendations on their favourite places in town
  • Privacy: No matter how big your group, Airbnbs offer privacy. Some properties even have self-check-in.
  • Affordability: Looking at an equally-priced hotel and an Airbnb next to each other – there’s only one winner when it comes to value for money!
  • Last-minute booking: If you fancy a spontaneous trip or just need a place to stop over on your USA road trip, hosts can set their final available booking time for the night. Airbnb can let you know what’s still available – no matter how late you arrive!
  • Airbnb Experiences: It’s not just about where to stay; Airbnb also offers experiences curated by locals that will show you the best of where you’re staying!

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Why Stay in an Airbnb Memphis

The Top 15 Airbnbs in Memphis, TN

Now that we’ve given you plenty of reasons to book an Airbnb in Memphis, it’s time to take a look at the best the city has to offer. Browse carefully, as there may be more than one to suit your travel style and budget!

Overall Best Value Airbnb in Memphis, TN | Midtown Charm in Historic Overton

Midtown Charm in Historic Overton, Memphis

Right in the heard of Midtown, you’ve got several of Memphis’s top attractions within walking distance, such as the historic Overton Park, hiking trails, and the zoo. Beale Street is a cheap and easy trip in an Uber. This cute and cosy one-bedroom house can fit up to four people, but it would be ideal for a couple who want to make the most of a comfy place to stay with great attractions on your doorstep.

Best Budget Airbnb in Memphis, TN | Cute and Quiet Room

Cute and Quiet Room Memphis
  • 2 guests
  • Toiletries included

It’s not easy to find a budget room in Memphis – that is, if you’re not one of our expert travel writers. This cute room just minutes from Midtown and Downtown provides the best of both worlds. You might be expecting a bed and not a lot else, but you’ll have access to your host’s living room, where you can chill out and chat to them about their favourite things to do in Memphis.

Perfect Airbnb for Solo Travellers | Private Room in Adorable Midtown House

Private Room in Adorable Midtown House Memphis
  • 2 guests
  • Private den/media room

If you’re travelling solo, most people point you in the direction of the nearest hostel and assume you’ll be delighted. However, hostels aren’t for everyone – or you might need a break from them. This midtown home blends a low cost with a homely atmosphere. You even get breakfast included! You’ve got access to a private den and media room, too – so don’t feel you have to hole up in your room the whole time!

Best Short Term Rental for Couples | Renovated Carriage House in Heart of Memphis

Renovated Carriage House in Heart of Memphis

Carriage houses may have been where people kept their horses in the past, but that’s not the case anymore. You’ll find that most carriage houses offered are exquisite guest suites – much like this one! That big, fluffy queen bed is the perfect place for a couple to come back to after a busy day exploring what Memphis has to offer. Since you also have your hosts on-site (but not in the house with you), you can get their recommendations on their favourite nearby spots!

Best Airbnb in Memphis, TN for Families | Spacious Four Bedroom Home

Spacious Four Bedroom Home Memphis
  • $$$$
  • Fully equipped kitchen

This home is perfectly located if you’re planning to explore Memphis with the family – no matter the age! As well as having great places to eat within walking distance, you’ve also got the Liberty Bowl Stadium – if you’re lucky you can catch a game. In the house, there’s a huge garden where teenagers can chill and younger kids can run around, while the open-plan living room is a great place to watch a movie together.

Over-the-Top Luxury Airbnb in Memphis, TN | Spacious Downtown Townhouse

Spacious Downtown Townhouse Memphis
  • 14 guests
  • Central location

While this is definitely over the top and luxurious (how many people do you know with a pool table in their living room?!), splitting it between 14 – if you have that many friends – mean it’s not as unattainable as you may think at first glance. This is awesome for a group celebration, and it’s right in the heart of downtown, so you’re never far away from the city’s best attractions.

Best Entire House in Memphis, TN | Cozy Duplex in Cooper-Young

Cozy Duplex in Cooper Young Memphis

Cooper-Young is a bit of a break from the bright lights and bars of downtown, while still having a pretty happening centre itself. It’s a great place to stay in Memphis, and this house is one of the best ways to experience it. There’s room for you and up to four of your nearest and dearest to enjoy it. Whip up a meal in the kitchen and enjoy it in the sunny front yard!

Best Entire Apartment in Memphis, TN | Urban Studio with Relaxing Backyard

Urban Studio with Relaxing Backyard Memphis
  • 4 guests
  • Memory foam queen bed

Perfect for a small group or a couple, this entire apartment will take you miles away from the bright city lights with its relaxing backyard. Sit with friends or family under the stars and chill out just six blocks from Overton Park. There are some lovely touches, such as local organic coffee in the kitchen, and your hosts will happily share their favourite eating and drinking spots!

Best Bungalow in Memphis, TN | Blues City Abode

Blues City Abode Memphis
  • 6 guests
  • Music theme throughout

You know a place is a little fancy when it calls itself an ‘abode.’ But this is in fact a bungalow – the best one in Memphis, for that matter! There’s space for six guests, so it’s well suited to a family trip or a visit from a group of friends. What really sets this place apart is the music theme, with cool touches such as a coffee table made from a drum!

Perfect Airbnb for Digital Nomads | Midtown – Peabody House Bedroom

Midtown Peabody House Bedroom Memphis
  • $$
  • Laptop-friendly workspace

This is the sort of house a digital nomad would aspire to own in the future – if they could only decide on a place to live. Not only does it have rapid Wi-Fi and several laptop-friendly workspaces, but there’s also a swimming pool where you can chill after a busy day working on your laptop. Rather stay dry? Enjoy a book in the swing on the porch or pet one of the two dogs!

Best Airbnb in Memphis, TN for Nightlife | Trendy Loft with Balcony near Beale

Trendy Loft with Balcony near Beale Memphis
  • 8 guests
  • Huge open-plan living area

Gearing up for a night out on Beale Street? Why not prepare for it with a few games of foosball on your very own table. That’s what you’ll get with this loft apartment and its huge open-plan living space. You can fit up to eight guests here, so it’s great for a bachelor(ette) party in the Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll!

Most Unique Airbnb in Memphis, TN | Pinky Vintage Glamper

Pinky Vintage Glamper Memphis

Looking for something a little unusual on your stay in Memphis? Check out this unique Airbnb. This caravan is set in its very own garden, complete with a statue of the Venus de Milo. How very fancy! And it’s not just any caravan – it’s a rare 50s vintage model. Affectionately named Pinky, it’s in a great location in Cooper-Young and will suit a couple or solo traveller wanting a spot of glamping. It’s LGBT friendly, too!

Best Airbnb with Parking | Bluff City Bungalow

Bluff City Bungalow Memphis
  • $$
  • On-street parking AND carport
  • 4 guests
  • Cocktail making facilities

If you’re travelling with your own vehicle, or even renting to visit Tennessee, you need to find somewhere with free parking. Welcome to this Bluff City Bungalow. There are on-street parking and a carport, which is great if you’ve more than one vehicle. It’s not all about your car, though; the living room and fully equipped kitchen will ensure that you’re comfy, too!

Most Beautiful Airbnb in Memphis, TN | Private and Gated Charming Cottage

Private and Gated Charming Cottage Memphis
  • 3 guests
  • Antique and modern furnishings

If you were trying to decide between the Mediterranean and Memphis for your holiday, we’ve found the place just for you. That swimming pool outside could almost have you believing you’re in Greece or Italy, especially with the cool blue tiles and Virgin Mary statue watching over you! The house’s interior is stunning, too: the library in the living room is calling to all you bookworms.

Best Airbnb in Memphis, TN for a Group of Friends | Beautiful and Spacious Bungalow

Beautiful and Spacious Bungalow Memphis
  • 10 guests
  • Cool arches throughout

This place could have fit into some other categories on our list, such as best bungalow or best entire house. One thing is for sure – it wasn’t getting missed off the list! This artsy bungalow can sleep up to ten guests, so it’s best for a bigger group. You’ll just have to fight over who gets the queen beds and who is on the sofa beds, singles, and airbed!

Final Thoughts on Memphis, TN Airbnbs

Well, that’s all for now – we’ve shown you 15 of the best Airbnbs in Memphis, TN. All that’s left is for you to fill in the gaps of where you’re going to eat and drink, and your vacation is sorted!

If you’re still thinking, “which Memphis Airbnb is best for me,” let us give you one last push towards our overall best value property in the city. That’s ‘Midtown Charm in Historic Overton.’ It’s great value for money, there’s space for four guests, and you can park your car there.

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